Career Advancement Scholarship Entrance Examination

We are recruiting the following scholarship students for working adults and students who aim to acquire national qualifications for rehabilitation (physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist) with the aim of advancing their careers. We are looking forward to the challenge of ambitious career seekers.

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Speech-language hearing department 4th year

Okinawa PrefectureGraduated from Futenma High School

Yasuo Sakihara

I was interested in the fields of medicine and welfare, so after graduating from high school, I went on to study psychology at university. While studying psychology, I was fascinated by the profession of "speech-language pathologist", and entered the speech-language pathology department of "Rehabilitation College Shimane" upon graduating from university. After entering the school, of course I study hard, but I belong to the badminton club and participate in competitions.
I would like to return to Okinawa someday, but first I would like to gain experience at a hospital where I can grow as a "speech-language pathologist" regardless of region.
I think it's very uneasy and courageous to change your profession or course. Rather than worrying about this and that, first participate in the open campus and see for yourself.
Let's work hard together!

“Career Advancement Scholarship” Entrance Exam Application Guidelines


Those who apply exclusively to our school and meet all of the following conditions 1 and 2.
1.Those who meet any of the following conditions
Those who have attended a higher school such as a university, junior college, or vocational school after graduating from high school
Those who have worked as a regular employee at a company, etc. after graduating from high school

2.Students who have a strong desire to learn and who can be expected to be a role model for other students after entering the school.

Exam subject

Composition (60 minutes, 800 characters or less), interview

Examination hall

Same venue as the General Recommendation Entrance Examination and the General Entrance Examination

Department of Recruitment

Department of Physical Therapy/Department of Occupational Therapy/Department of Speech-language Hearing

Recruitment capacity

10 students in total (total of 3 departments)
In that case, we will inform you on the homepage.

Benefits for Career Advancement Scholarships

Those who pass the exam as “career advancement scholarship students” will be exempted from the 300,000 yen tuition fee for the second semester of each year for four years after admission.

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Application documents