San'in's only rehabilitation department with 3 departments

Most of the hospitals and facilities where students work after graduation have three occupations: physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech pathologist.

At our school, we train these three types of rehabilitation, and you can learn "team medical care" in classes and exchanges.

San'in only

Department introduction

  • [ピックアップリハカレ] 8月 RCS野球部 全国大会へ!

  • [ピックアップリハカレ] 7月18日 「オープンキャンパス卒業生コラボ企画」を開催しました

  • [ピックアップリハカレ] 7月4日 「ベルガロッソいわみ」特別講座

  • [ピックアップリハカレ] 6月27日 ALSの闘病体験を講演していただきました。

Please come, see and feel.

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p14 stairs classroom

360°in view

Let's take a look at the rehearsal!

You can see the training room and the staircase classroom


good educational environment

Our school is located in Misumi Chuo Park, where base facilities for educational, sports, and cultural activities gather.

With the Misumi Library nearby, it is a quiet and calm environment where you can concentrate on your studies.

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