Physiotherapists help people with physical disabilities caused by illness or injury to regain their function through exercise and equipment.

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Qualifications that can be acquired: Eligibility to take the national physical therapist examination, advanced professional title, and graduate school admission qualification

Become a physical therapist at Shimane Rehabilitation College!


Directly linked to national examsCurriculum and
Effective national exam preparation based on data

We have created a curriculum that focuses on the main subjects (anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology) that are directly related to passing the national exam, and we aim for all students to pass the national exam.We analyze the question trends of national exams and provide countermeasures based on data. We also manage data on each student's grades and weak areas, and provide effective individual guidance.


Extensive practical training

Our school incorporates a lot of practical training into its classes to cultivate students' practical skills. In order to develop clinically-ready human resources, we provide students with the necessary skills for medical professionals through practical training and community exchange."Humanity"It also grows.

Distinctive Curriculum

Athlete Support Practical Course

Aiming to become a top-notch "physical therapist"

Physiotherapists are also active in the field of sports as coaches and trainers. In this course, students will acquire basic knowledge and skills to support athletes, such as first aid and injury prevention in the field, which are rarely taught at rehabilitation training schools. In cooperation with local soccer and futsal teams, the curriculum allows students to learn practically while interacting with athletes. Students can also obtain a private trainer license (NSCA certified personal trainer) if they wish.

<Affiliated Club Teams>
Bergarosso Iwami (soccer)
Polseid Hamada (Futsal)

A rich curriculum

Basic FieldsSpecialized Basic FieldsSpecialized field
First yearpsychology
Japanese Expressions
Human Relations
Communication Theory
Health and Physical Education (Practical)
English conversation

Anatomy I (Osteology, Ligaments, Muscles)
Anatomy II (cardiology, visceral organs, neurology)
Anatomy and kinesiology
Anatomy and Physiology
Kinesiology Exercises
Exercise Physiology
Basic Kinesiology
Human Development
Introduction to Rehabilitation

Introduction to Physical Therapy
Basic Physical Therapy Evaluation
Clinical Observation Training
Second Year


Surface Anatomy
Exercise Physiology
Joint kinematics
Clinical Psychology
Internal Medicine
Central nervous system disorders
Rehabilitation medicine (including pharmacology and nutrition)
Diagnostic Imaging
Lifesaving Medicine

Physical Therapy Assessment Exercises
Basic Exercise Therapy
Manual Therapy
Basic Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Exercises
Clinical evaluation training

Third Year

Social Security Studies

Physical Therapy Research Methods
Physical Therapy Management and Administration
Disease-specific physical therapy training
Clinical Reasoning
Motion Analysis
Disease-specific physical therapy diagnostics
ADL theory
Central Nervous System Therapeutics
Central Nervous System Therapeutics Seminar
Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders
Musculoskeletal Disorders Treatment Seminar
Spinal Cord Injury Treatment
Pediatric Disease Treatment
Internal Disorders Treatment
Neuromuscular Disease Treatment
Sports and Health Promotion
Regional Physical Therapy Committee
Living Environment Studies
Clinical Community Training
Short-term clinical training

Fourth YearClinical Studies
Comprehensive Physical Therapy Seminar
Comprehensive Clinical Training

Participate in the Tokyo Olympics as a medical and scientific staff member!

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The department head, Professor Yoshihiko Yamamoto, participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games as a medical science staff member. This experience is being put to good use in our classes and athlete support practical courses at our school.

Acquire knowledge and skills in the field of sports


The field of activity of "physical therapists" also extends to the field of sports. At our school, we have teachers who are certified as JSPO athletic trainers, teachers who coach high school club activities, and teachers who accompany students to the National Athletic Meet as trainers. Our school has an environment where students can learn about rehabilitation in the field of sports on a daily basis.

Message from the Faculty

We are training clinically-ready personnel.

Head of the Department of Physical Therapy
Yoshihiko Yamamoto

A physical therapist's job is to provide rehabilitation to people who are physically and mentally injured. Their scope of activity is wide, and they are required to perform specialized activities in a variety of locations, with medical skills at the core. Our school trains students to acquire solid skills and the ability to think for themselves based on basic knowledge, and to become people who can immediately contribute in clinical situations.

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"physical therapistI want to become a qualified trainer.

2nd year Physical Therapy Department student, Shimane Prefecture/Hamada High School graduate
Ishikawa Tenma

I am interested in sports-related work, and in the future I would like to become a trainer with a "physical therapist" license. "Rehabilitation College Shimane" is affiliated with local soccer and futsal teams, and one of its features is its strong connection to sports, with teachers who are certified athletic trainers. In the "Athlete Support Practical Course," I learn about taping and injury treatment while actually interacting with athletes. I would like to gradually build up what I can do now and become a "physical therapist" who is relied upon in the field.

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I chose a local school where I could receive intensive education over four years.

2nd year Physical Therapy Department student, Shimane Prefecture/Hamada Commercial High School graduate
Hamaguchi Miu

When I was in junior high school, I got injured during track and field and for the first time I learned about the existence of "physical therapists." It was before the competition, but thanks to rehabilitation I was able to participate in the competition safely, and I thought that I also wanted a job where I could work for people and interact with them.FourI went on to study at the local Rehabilitation College Shimane, where I could learn thoroughly in a multi-year program and reduce the burden on my parents.

Although I sometimes have trouble understanding technical terms and difficult content, I overcome these challenges by working together with my peers who are also aiming to become physical therapists. In the future, I want to become a physical therapist who can make patients smile with my communication skills, and who make them feel glad that they received rehabilitation from me. I want as many people as possible to learn about the work of a physical therapist, so please come and join our open campus.

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VOICE from graduates

Public Interest Foundation Masuda City Medical Association
Masuda Regional Medical Center Hospital

Graduated from the Department of Physical Therapy in March 2021 (Shimane Prefecture/Meisei High School)
physical therapistKumagai Jellyfish

Because I liked sports, I became interested in becoming a physical therapist, who approaches injured people from the perspective of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation College Shimane is an environment where I can concentrate on my studies, and the teachers are very kind to each person, which was very reassuring. I am currently working in a rehabilitation ward, where I am in charge of rehabilitation to improve physical functions and daily activities in order to return home and return to society. By actually visiting patients' homes and asking about their lives, I discuss rehabilitation programs and future approaches to goals with other professionals. I feel very rewarded when patients' walking ability and daily activities improve and they express their gratitude when they are discharged from the hospital. Even after getting a job, I continue to study every day, but I think that medical professions, including physical therapists, are very attractive jobs where you can learn a lot through interactions with people.

Department of Physical Therapy Employment Situation

Number of job openings:530From the beginning2,458Job Vacancies

(March 2024 graduates)


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