Features of Shimane Rehabilitation College

Characteristics of our school

4-year vocational school

Graduate school admission with the title of "Advanced Specialist", equivalent to a bachelor's degree

Our school is a vocational school that meets the standards set by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, such as a minimum four-year course period and a total of 3,400 hours or more of class time. Graduates are awarded the title of "Advanced Specialist," which is equivalent to a bachelor's degree for university graduates, and can obtain "qualification to enter graduate school." A "specialist" degree from a three-year vocational school does not qualify students for graduate school. Many medical institutions offer the same employment conditions, such as starting salary, as university graduates, and it is also advantageous for future steps up, such as obtaining a degree.

A curriculum directly linked to national exams and work, only possible at a vocational school

In universities, taking general education courses such as English and mathematics that are not directly related to the national exam or rehabilitation work can be a burden. However, our school takes advantage of the characteristics of a vocational school and has a curriculum that is directly related to the national exam and future work from the first year.National Exam PreparationBy starting practical education, students will be more likely to pass the national exam.

In the fourth year, you will focus on clinical training and studying for the national exam.

In the final year of rehabilitation training schools, whether at university or vocational school, students undergo long-term clinical training and also engage in job hunting. This is an important year when students begin to study seriously for the national exam, but since our school is a vocational school, there are no graduation theses or graduation research, which gives students the advantage of being able to concentrate on studying for the national exam.

Three modern medical departments

The benefits of having three departments
Our school has a number of students who are involved in rehabilitation."physical therapist""Occupational Therapist""Speech-language-hearing therapist"There are three departments that train:
There are few training schools nationwide that have three departments, and collaboration between departments will deepen understanding of other professions and lead to practical skills in future clinical settings.

All three departments at our school are accredited by the Rehabilitation Education Assessment Organization (General Incorporated Association).

A favorable educational environment

A school with strong connections to the community

Our school was opened in April 1998, in response to the high expectations of the local community. With the motto of contributing to the community and creating an open school, we are proactively engaged in activities that contribute to the community, such as holding various lectures for medical and welfare workers, participating in health programs produced by local cable TV stations, undertaking events at training sessions, and sending lecturers to high schools, nursing schools, etc.
Students also deepen their ties with the local community through various local activities, such as local festivals, cleaning activities, and road safety campaigns, while devote themselves to studying to become medical professionals. In terms of education, we provide high-quality human resource education by inviting lecturers with extensive clinical experience, and many local hospitals and facilities serve as clinical training sites for students. Our school is located within Misumi Central Park, the hub of educational, cultural, and sports activities in the region, and our students enjoy a fulfilling student life in an ideal educational environment.

Aerial photography (with facility name)

Effective learning system using computers (e-school)

All new students will be presented with high-performance computers!

After enrollment, students will study effectively using computers, and computers will also prove to be effective in studying for national exams.

1. High-performance PC
It's a sturdy and fast-working computer. I can ask questions to my professors and download lecture materials, which is convenient for reviewing.
It will be useful in a variety of situations, such as sharing information within the school, and will also be useful for studying and searching for information even after you graduate.

2. National exam preparation using our school's unique "e-learning system"
Students can use the e-learning system that utilizes computers.
Our school's unique system, which is directly linked to passing the national exam, has achieved high learning results, including being used for original in-school mock exams.

3. Unlimited internet use on campus!
The facility is equipped with wireless LAN via optical fiber lines, so you can do research quickly!
In addition to this line, the campus also has a Wi-Fi environment that students can use free of charge.