School Overview and Greetings

School Features

It opened in April 1998 as the first rehabilitation vocational school in Shimane Prefecture, and has sent many excellent physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language-hearing therapists out into society. Many young people gather from all over the country and enjoy a fulfilling student life in this wonderful environment. Misumi-cho, Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture, is a beautiful town surrounded by the sea and mountains. It is the perfect environment for students to study thoroughly for four years in order to aim for the national exam.
There is also active interaction with people from the surrounding area, and through volunteer activities and participation in events, students develop a richer heart through interaction with the local community.

Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of our school is to develop medical professionals who have the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary to practice medicine, health and welfare, as well as the ability to think scientifically and creativity.


1998April 1stThe institute is designated and approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (currently the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) as a training institute for physical therapists and occupational therapists.
1998April 1stDoshisha Rehabilitation College Shimane opened.
Department of Physical Therapy: Capacity 30 people Department of Occupational Therapy: Capacity 20 people Department of Speech and Hearing Therapy: Capacity 40 people
1999April 1stThe school is designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (currently the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) as a training institute for speech-language-hearing therapists.
*Designated in the first year that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare began reviewing training schools for designation.
2004April 1stThe Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has given permission to increase the admission quota for the Department of Physical Therapy and Department of Occupational Therapy, bringing the total admission quota for all departments to 40 students.
2005September 9Students graduating from the year 2005 will be awarded the title of "Advanced Professional" and will also be eligible to enter graduate school.

Message from the Chairman and School Principal

I will do my best to help you realize your dreams.

Our school is located in a wonderful environment and has become an important educational institution that is indispensable to Hamada City. I have accepted the position of chairman of the board and principal in the hope that I can be of service to the school.
Our school is a training institution that develops human resources involved in rehabilitation medicine, which is absolutely necessary in Japan's aging society, and we have an obligation to send as many excellent human resources out into society as possible.
All our staff are aware of this and will do everything in their power to support you in making your dreams come true.

Chairman and School Principal Yurio Iwatani

Greetings from Mayor Hamada

We support all students at Shimane Rehabilitation College

Since its opening in April 1998, Shimane Rehabilitation College has not only been a school that trains physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language-hearing therapists who play an important role in an aging society, but has also made significant contributions to its local city of Hamada through community activities such as health promotion classes for residents and seminars for junior and senior high school students.
In order to create a "vibrant Hamada," Hamada City has set out seven city development guidelines in its comprehensive development plan, one of which is "a city where people can live healthy and vibrant lives." In order for elderly people to live vibrantly and healthily in the place they are familiar with, they need a lot of support, and we believe that rehabilitation medicine has a very large role to play.
We hope that after you have enjoyed a fulfilling student life in Hamada, a safe and secure city surrounded by abundant nature, you will then utilize the advanced specialized knowledge and skills you have acquired during your time at university here in Hamada City, and demonstrate your youthful energy.

The entire city of Hamada will support all students studying at Shimane Rehabilitation College.

Mayor of Hamada City, Akira Kubota